• The time span for houses is from Jamestown's founding in 1607 to the 1770s.
  • Sources for construction dates are notoriously unreliable; however, the curator has provided the best date available from the sources.
  • Houses on the master list are both extant and non-extant; criteria for including them is credible information as to their existence, origins and location.  Although extensive, the list does not include every colonial house that either existed or still exists. 
  • Lists will be updated periodically as new houses and information are added to the website. The curator is working his way through counties alphabetically and will add houses from these counties to the master list when they are available.  The master list will be updated with every new house; however, the alphabetical and other ordered lists will be updated only periodically when enough new houses have been accumulated.
  • The first dates listed are for the earliest known dwelling on the lot or site. If it is believed that the original house was modified or built upon or around a semicolon (;) will be used between dates. For example, "1709; 1748" means original house of 1709 was modified in 1748. If the original dwelling disappeared or was signficantly degraded and a new dwelling was built on the same site, a slash (/) will be used between dates. For example, "1709/1855" means the original house of 1709 disappeared and a new one was built in 1855.
  • Viewers are urged to send suggestions for houses to be added to the list; please provide documentary evidence for your suggestions. 
  • The listing of houses in Williamsburge presented a unique challenge on dating.  Many of the current houses were preceded by dwellings that were destroyed, built over, or incorporated into existing houses.  I decided to list the houses chronologically according to evidence of the first dwelling for which there is hard evidence.  The first sequence of dates represent the best estimates of construction dates for different houses on the lot. 
  • If you should visit any of the private houses on the master list, please be courteous to the owners; if the property or driveway is marked private, please do not enter.  
  • Most of the photos used on this website are by the curator. When other images are used every effort is made to give credit to photographers or websites when they are known. 
  • This is an educational website intended to inform the public about Virginia's colonial houses; it is NOT used for any commercial purposes and no money is made off of it.
  • If there is any image or link you wish not be used for the educational purposes of this website, let me know and I will take it down immediately.
  • With a data base as extensive as this one, there are bound to be errors.  The curator encourages corrections to be sent through the "Contact Us" page.  Corrections should be accompanied by documentary evidence.
  • It would be appreciated that any contents or images taken from the site be attributed to the curator, Kim R. Holmes, and to virginiacolonialhouses.com.                              
Preserving Virginia's   Architectural Heritage

This website is a data base and clearing house for the history, people, architecture and archeology of Virginia's colonial houses. It contains the most extensive curated list of Virginia's colonial houses on the internet.  A selection of featured houses and districts are examined extensively, details of which can be searched from their homepages in the navigation bar.