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1720-25, near Guilford

Accomack County

Pitts Neck

1725-50, Pitts Neck near Bullbegger

Shepherd's Plain

1755-75, Kusian Cove near Pungoteague
Edmund Bayly
(Rogers) House
(The Hermitage)
1769-87, Craddock Creek

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Hedra Cottage (Hedrick Farm)
c. 1639-60, Scarborough Cut


1673; wing burned 1776; restored 1926, near Quinby
Revell West House
Late 17th or early 18th century, near Deep Creek
Scarborough (Occohannock) House Archeological Site
17th century, Scarborough Cut
Corbin Hall (Chincoteague Farm)
1725; 1787, near Horntown & Chincoteague Island
Hills Farm (Hunting Creek Plantation)
1747; 1856; 1942, Hunting Creek near Lee Mont
Rose Cottage  (Upshur Farm)

1755, Rettrap Creek

Drummond House
Possibly colonial, Drummonds Pond near Lee Mont
Wise House  (Ohio)
Possibly colonial, Deep Creek
Bull-Coard Slave Trader's House
Possibly colonial,Greenbush

Salt Box House

Possibly colonial, near Nelsonia

Ailworth Cottage

Possibly colonial, Accomac

Needab Farm

Possibly colonial, Locustville

Topping House

Possibly colonial, Dahl Swamp near Cashville

Custis House

Possibly colonial, Tasley

Arbuckle Place

1774, Assawoman

Poplar Grove

Possibly colonial, Mosquito Creek near Horntown 

Martin Home

c. 1738; early 1900s, Melfa
Shirley (The Hack Place)
Prior to 1771, Hacksneck


c. 1750; frame edition after 1875, near Harborton

Last Shift

c. 1675; near Keller

Charlotte Bayle Place (Cedar Grove)
c. 1669, near Keller