Master List of Virginia's Colonial Houses

            By County and Towns Updated 11.06.2018

Hedra Cottage/Hedrick Farm 1639-60; modern restored Accomack County  
Charlotte Bayle Place c. 1669 Accomack County  
Warwick 1673; wing burned 1773; restored 1926 Accomack County  
West House 17th century Accomack County  
Revell West House late 17th century or early 18th century Accomack County  
Hinman-Mason House 1720-25 Accomack County  
Pitts Neck c. 1725-50 Accomack County  
Martin Home c. 1738; early 1900s Accomack County  
Hills Farm/Hunting Creek Plantation 1747; 1856; 1942 Accomack County  
Evergreen c. 1750; framed edition after 1875 Accomack County  
Shepherd’s Plain 1755-75 Accomack County  
Rose Cottage 1755 Accomack County  
Edmund Bayly House/Hermitage 1769-87 Accomack County  
Arbuckle Place 1774 Accomack County 
Scarborough/Occohannock House Archeological Site Accomack County  
Corbin Hall Chincoteague Farm 1725; 1787 Accomack County  
Rose Cottage Upshur Farm 1755 Accomack County  
Drummond House Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Wise House Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Salt Box House Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Bull-Coard Slave Trader’s House Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Custis House Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Topping House Possily Colonial Accomack County  
Ailworth Cottage Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Needab Farm Possbily Colonial Accomack County  
Poplar Grove Possibly Colonial Accomack County  
Shirley The Hack Place Possibly Colonial Accomack County 

The Colonial House 1732; 1780; Modernized 20th century Albemarle County  
Findowrie early 1730s Albemarle County  
Buena Vista c. 1734; 1862; 1978-95 Albemarle County  
Shadwell 1737; burned 1770; Reconstructed Albemarle County  
Fry Farm/Viewmont c. 1737; burned 1800 and rebuilt; burned again in 1939 and rebuilt in 1941 Albemarle County  
Blenheim Claim House/Whitchris c. 1730s; 1978-98; 1999 Albemarle County  
Valmont/Belle Grove 1745; 1800; 1975; 1975-99 Albemarle County  
Glendower Claim House 1745-60; 1957-95 Albemarle County  
Castalia Claim House 1747; 1892 Albemarle County  
Walnut Meadow c. 1750 Albemarle County  
Ballard-Maupin House 1750-90; 1800-20; 1994-95 Albemarle County  
Woodstock Hall Tavern 1757; 1808 Albemarle County  
Totier Creek Farm/Locust Shades 1760; c. 1860; 1978-95 Albemarle County  
Glen Echo c. 1760; 1935; 1941; 1977-87 Albemarle County  
Belmont at Brown’s Cove mid-18th century Albemarle County  
Plain Dealing 1761; 1789 Albemarle County  
Castle Hill 1764; 1824 Albemarle County  
Maxfield 1764 Albemarle County  
Keswick 1764; 1818 Albemarle County  
Clover Fields c. 1765; razed 1846; new house on site 1973-1992 Albemarle County  
Belleview 1769; 19th & 20th centuries restorations Albemarle County  
Colle/Riedesel House c. 1774; razed 1933 Albemarle County  
Gale Hill c. 1775; 1857; 1887; burned 1930 Albemarle County 
Darby’s Folly 1750-60; 1938 restoration Albemarle County 
Kinloch c. 1764; burned 1865; reconstructions late 19th century Albemarle County  
Midway/Riverdale Farm c. 1764 log cabin; house 1807; remodeled c. 1815-20s Albemarle County  
Old Cabin at Enniscorthy Possibly Colonial Albemarle County 

ALEXANDRIA (See Fairfax County)

Haw Branch 1748; 1815 Amelia County 

The Glebe c. 1762; 1825; 1919-37 Amherst County  
Winton c. 1770 Amherst County  
Mountain View Farm c. 1777 Amherst County 

Ball-Sellars House c. 1742 Arlington County 

Liberty Hall 1778-1815 Bedford County 

Greenfield mid-18th century; burned 1959 Botetourt County  

Oak Grove c. 1750; 1784; 1833 Campbell County 

Hillford House c. 1720s; 1840s Caroline County  
Old Mansion 1669 Caroline County  
The Mount 1696 Caroline County  
Bowling Green 1738-43; 1790-91 Caroline County  
Townfield 1745-50 Caroline County  
Hazelwood c. 1750 Caroline County 
Hatfield Manor 1760 Caroline County 
Catlett House 1760 Port Royal Caroline CountyPearson House 1775 Caroline County  
Brockenbrough House 1778 Caroline County 

Shirley/Thomas West Hundred (settlement not house), 1613, Charles City County
Smyth/Southampton Hundred 1617 Charles City County  
Tanks Weyanoke Settlement c. 1618 Charles City County  
Berkeley Hundred (settlement not house) 1619 Charles City County  
Westover Settlement (not house) 1619 Charles City County  
Causey’s Care Settlement 1620 Charles City County  
Swinhow’s Settlement 1620-22 Charles City County  
Walter Aston Site 1635 Charles City County  
Belle Air 1700 Charles City County  
Dogham Farm c. 1700 Charles City County  
Margot’s/Eagle’s Lodge 1700-49 Charles City County  
Shirley (house) 1723-38 Charles City County  
Belle Air c. 1725-40 Charles City County  
Berkeley 1726; 1772 Charles City County  
River Edge early 18th century with colonial revival additions Charles City County  
Sherwood Forest c. 1730 Charles City County  
Westgarden 1737; remodeled 1968 Charles City County  
Glebe House of Westover Parish c. 1745 Charles City County  
Tedington c. 1750 Charles City County  
Westover (house) 1750-51 Charles City County  
Tomahund c. 1750-80; enlarged 1841-47 Charles City County  
Evelynton first house 1760 burned in 1860; rebuilt 1860 and lost; current house 1930s Charles City County  
Poplar Springs mid-18th Century; remodeled 1960s & 1982 Charles City County  
Greenway c. 1776 Charles City County  
The Rowe east wing before 1779; 1808 Charles City County  
Kittiewan 1770s Charles City County  
Montpelier Salem Church Vicinity Charles City County 

Red Hill 1770s Charlotte County 
Mulberry Hill 18th century Charlotte County 

Carrsgrove 1747; 1892; razed 2013 Charlottesville  
Dunlora Claim House 1760; burned 1828 Charlottesville  
Locust Hill 1766; restored 20th century Charlottesville  
Monticello 1768-72; 1794-1809 Charlottesville  
The Farm/Nicholas Lewis House c. 1770; 1939; 1949-50; 1987-2000 Charlottesville 
Farmington 1765; 1807; 1820; 1930; restored 1977-98 Charlottesville  
Windie Knowe c. 1770; 1850; 1978 Charlottesville 

Dale’s Pale House late 17th century to early 18th century Chesterfield County  
Hedgelawn c. 1725-40 Chesterfield County  
Pleasant View c. 1730 Chesterfield County  
Olive Hill c. 1760 Chesterfield County  
Eppington 1768-1802 Chesterfield County  
Greenfield c. 1771 Chesterfield County 

Greenway Court c. 1748 Clark County   
Fairfield c. 1768 Clarke County  
Saratoga 1779 Clarke County 
Annefield 1750-99 Clarke County  
Lucky Hit 1750-99 Clarke County  
Meadea 1750-99 Clarke County 

Salubria 1755-57; 1794 Culpepper County  
Glebe House St. Mark’s Parish 1772 Culpepper County 

Wales 1730; 1752 Dinwiddie County  
Mansfield mid-18th century Dinwiddie County 

Blandfield 1716-20 Essex County  
Glebe House of St. Anne’s Parish c. 1730 Essex County  
Brooke’s Bank 1751 Essex County   
Belle Farm c. 1770-85 Essex County  
Elmwood c. 1774 Essex County 

Dogg’s Island and Mason Necks Patents, 1651-66, Fairfax County
Brent’s Patent, 1653/54, Fairfax County
Western Branch (Occoquan) Patents, 1650s, Fairfax County
Mount Vernon Area Patents, 1657-1675/75, Fairfax County
Belvoir Area Land Patents, 1657/58-94, Fairfax County
Ravensworth/Fitzhugh Patents, 1686, Stafford and Fairfax Counties
George Mason II’s Newtown, c. 1692, Fairfax County
George Mason II’s Dogue Creek Property, prior to 1699 on land first patented by William Travers in 1670, Fairfax County
Belle Haven Settlement, early 18th century, Fairfax County
West Grove, c. 1710, Fairfax County
Mount Vernon (Mansion), 1726-87, Fairfax County
Edward Washington House/Belmont/Cocke House, 1730-50, Fairfax County
Hunting Creek Warehouse, c. 1731, Alexandria
Four Stairs, c. 1737 for earliest section, Fairfax County
Belvoir Manor, 1741, Fairfax County
Philip Alexander Estate, c. 1746, Alexandria
Alexandria Established, 1749, Alexandria
Ramsey House, 1748/49, Alexandria
William Gunnell House, c. 1750, Great Falls in Fairfax County
John Dalton House, 1750-77, Alexandria
Carlyle House, 1751-53, Alexandria
Johnston-Hanson House, 1752-77, Alexandria
Gunston Hall, 1755, Fairfax County
William Clifton House/River Farm/Wellington, 1757; late 18th and early 19th centuries, Fairfax County
George Washington’s Townhouse and Office, 1769, Alexandria
Patrick Murray House, 1775, Alexandria
Lexington, possible early house in 1775; later house built after 1784, Fairfax County
Green Spring, 1777-84, Alexandria
Hope Park Mansion, late 18th century possibly colonial, Fairfax County
Malcom Jamesson House/Mount Gilead, late 18th century possibly colonial, Centreville in Fairfax County
James Keith House, current house built in 1783 on site which possibly held earlier colonial house, Alexandria

North Wales 1770s Fauquier County 
Oak Hill 1773 Fauquier County 
The Hollow 1763-64 Fauquier County 
Byrnley Farm c. 1765 Fauquier County 

Stone Hunting Lodge at Lower Bremo c. 1723; remodeled1802-05; expanded 1917 Fluvanna County 

Fort Colvin c. 1750 Frederick County  
High Banks c. 1753; 1858 Frederick County  
John Hite House c. 1753; 1835-40; 1900 Frederick County  
Crumley-Lynn-Lodge House c. 1759; 1830; 1850; 1987-91 Frederick County  
Old Forge Farm mid-18th century Frederick County  
Homespun 1771 Frederick County 

Thomas R. Boggs House c. 1718 with Later additions Fredericksburg  
Brompton 1740s; 1820s Fredericksburg  
Charles Washington House/Rising Sun Tavern c. 1760 Fredericksburg  
Mary Washington House mid-18th century Fredericksburg  
St. James House c. 1768 Fredericksburg  
Belvedere Plantation c. 1770 Fredericksburg  
Chatham Manor c. 1771 Fredericksburg  
The Chimneys 1771-73 Fredericksburg  
Mary Washington House c. 1772 Fredericksburg  
Kenmore 1772-76 Fredericksburg  
Virginia House 1776 Fredericksburg  
Mitchell House/Hugh Mercer Apothecary c. 1777 Fredericksburg 
John Tayloe House, 1770s Fredericksburg 

Robin’s Neck/Point Lookout Archeological Site 1642 Gloucester County  
Paradise c. 1653-56 Gloucester County 
Belleville c. 1658 Gloucester County 
Church Hill c. 1658 Gloucester County 
Shelly mid-17th century settlement Gloucester County 
Toddsbury c. 1658-69; early 18th Century Gloucester County 
Purtan mid-17th century Gloucester County 
Gloucester Hall/Thomas Pate House c. 1660s Gloucester County 
Lowland Cottage 1666-76; 1780s; 1825; 1854 Gloucester County 
Warner Hall 1674; current house c. 1900 Gloucester County 
Wareham c. 1670s Gloucester County 
John Lewis Jr. House 1670s Gloucester County 
Timberneck Farm 1670s Gloucester County 
White Hall prior to 1690 Gloucester County 
Belle Farm earliest parts mid-17th century with later additions originally Gloucester County  moved to Williamsburg  
Severn Hall/Severnby late 17th century Gloucester County 
Elmington originally late 17th century; later 18th century mansion; current house 1848 Gloucester County 
Fairfield 1694; 1704-20; burned c. 1897 Gloucester County 
Fiddlers Green parts of frame house late 17th century Gloucester County 
Poropotank/Violet Banks original house late 17th century or early 18th century now gone Gloucester County 
Quest End/Selden Site late 17th or early 18th century dwellings Gloucester County 
Mount Prodigal/Noane House late 17th or early 18th century Gloucester County 
Seawell’s Ordinary c. 1712 with addition 1757 remodeled and moved 20th century Gloucester County  
Little England 1716 Gloucester County 
Abingdon Glebe House prior to 1724 Gloucester County  
Rosewell 1725 Gloucester County 
Roaring Springs c. 1725 Gloucester County  
Marlfield 1732 Gloucester County 
Level Green early 18th century Gloucester County 
Glen Roy first house early 18th century Greek Revival 1853 Gloucester County 
The Shelter early 18th century house expanded and remodeled 18th & 19th centuries destroyed in 1925 Gloucester County 
Long Bridge Ordinary/Edge Hill House/Gloucester Women’s Club c.1750 Gloucester County  
White Marsh c. 1750 expanded 1800 Gloucester County  
Goshen oldest part of house 1750-60 addition 1856 Gloucester County 
Cappahosic House, c. 1751 Gloucester Couty
Airville c. 1756 expanded 1830s with 20th century additions Gloucester County 
Sherwood mid-18th century Gloucester County 
Clifford 18th century Gloucester County 
Hockley/Cowslip Gree/Erin 18th century Gloucester County 
Ditchley original house 18th century remodeled 1862; new house 1863 with modern renovations Gloucester County 
Hail Western 18th century Gloucester County 

Tuckahoe 1714-23; 1733; 1750s Goochland and Henrico counties  
Rock Castle c. 1732 Goochland County  
Oropax c. 1732 Goochland County  
Woodville mid-18th century Goochland County  
Bolling Hall 1771; 1800-10 Goochland County 

The Cove c. 1773 Halifax County  
Black Walnut 1774-90; 1840-60 Halifax County 

Herbert House mid-18th century Hampton 

Scotchtown 1720-60 Hanover County  
Rural Plains/Shelton House 1723-25 Hanover County  
Pine Slash c. 1760 Hanover County 
Gould Hill/Flankers 18th century Hanover County 

Curle’s Neck 1650 Henrico County  
Malvern Hill 1700-25; burned c. 1905 Henrico County 
Rocky Mills c. 1750 Henrico County 

Marrowbone mid-18th century Henry County  
Beaver Creek Plantation House c. 1776 Henry County 

Appomattox Manor c. 1751-63 Hopewell 

Windsor Castle, prior to 1740, Isle of Wight County  
Robert Tynes House c. 1750 Isle of Wight County  
William Scott Farmstead c. 1775 Isle of Wight County 

The Maine 1608 James City County  
Pasbehegh Territory 1617 James City County  
Martin's Hundred 1618 James City County  
Martin's Hundred's Wolstenholme Towne (later Carter's Grove) c. 1620 James City County  
Stone House Site near Toano possibly 18th century James City County 
Martin’s Hundred/ Site C/Company Compound 1620 James City County  
Martin’s Hundred's Boyse House 1620-22 James City County  
Martin’s Hundred's Site H/Structure A c. 1620-22 James City County  
Martin’s Hundred's Site A/Structure C 1625 James City County  
Green Springs 1643-45; 1674; 1755 James City County  
Pettus/House in Utopia Quarter 1675-91 James City County  
Riverside 1670s James City County  
Atkinson House 1680-1710 James City County  
Kingsmill Plantation c.1730s; house burned in 1843 James City County  
Powhaten c. 1750; burned in Civil War; restored 1948 James City County  
Carter’s Grove 1751-55 James City County  
Harrap (later Middle Plantation) c. 1634 James City County  
Pettus Manor House c. 1641-50; burned 1690 James City County  
Utopia c. 1660 James City County  
John Page House 1662 James City County  
Warburton House (Pinewoods) late 17th century James City County  
Richardson House 18th century near Croaker in James City County James City County  
Marston House 18th century near Toano in James City County James City County  
Windsor Castle c. 1760 near Toano in James City County  
Rich Neck Plantation (George Menefie’s Littletown) 1633; (Richard Kemp) James City County 

Pit Houses 1607-08 Jamestown Fort  
The Barracks 1610 Jamestown Fort  
The Quarter c. 1611 Jamestown Fort Jamestown Fort  
Governor’s House/Row Houses 1611-14; Argall’s extension 1617-19 Jamestown Fort  
Ambler Mansion 1710-50 Jamestown Island  
Yeardley House 1625 Jamestown 
John Pott House c. 1624-25 New Town of Jamestown New Towne of Jamestown  
Jackson House c. 1624-25 New Towne of Jamestown  
Peirce House c. 1624-25 New Towne of Jamestown  
John White House late 1620s; likely burned before 1650 New Towne of Jamestown  
Richard Kemp House/Structure 44 1638-39; first all brick house in Virginia; torn down by John Page in 1650s New Towne of Jamestown  
Governor Francis Wyatt’s Country House 1641-44; Wyatt bought Kemp House in 1641; Gov. Berkeley bought it in 1644 and likely used for state business; sold to Walter Chiles in 1644 New Towne of Jamestown  
Drummond House mid-17th century; likely destroyed in 1676 New Towne of Jamestown  
May-Hartwell House 1661-99 New Towne of Jamestown  
Row House c. 1660-99; burned in 1676 and rebuilt 1680 New Towne of Jamestown  
John Phipps Lot with likely House 1660s New Towne of Jamestown  
Edward Champion Travis House after 1755 and likely until 1803 New Towne         ofJamestown 
Reverend Richard Buck Lot 1620s Jamestown  
Governor Berkeley’s Houses in Jamestown 1641-76; Berkeley is believed to have built a 3-gabled row house (Martha McCartney) in    Jamestown but its existence and location is disputed; Berkeley moved to Green Spring outside Jamestown in the late 1640s; he claimed to own 5 houses in Jamestown in         1676 Jamestown  
Richard James I Sites with likely dwelling(s) 1654-57 Jamestown  
Ludwell/State House Complex/Structure 144 including houses 1 2 Jamestown 
Nicholas Meriwether Site with likely house 1660s Jamestown  
Colonel Nathaniel Bacon (cousin of rebel) House c. 1683 Jamestown Fort 
Captain John Harvey Lot c. 1624-25 New Towne of Jamestown  
George Menefie Lot c. 1624-25 New Towne of Jamestown  
Ralph Hamor Lot c. 1624-25 New Towne of Jamestown  
Harvey House site of official Governor’s business New Towne of Jamestown 
Walter Chiles/John Page/William Sherwood Houses 1650s-82; Chiles built house in front of Kemp house in 1650s; Page tore down Kemp House before 1676 and built a new house in back of Chiles house and in front of old Kemp House; damaged during Bacon’s Rebellion; rebuilt and expanded by William Sherwood in 1671 or 1682; demolished and overbuilt in 18th century by                    Richard Ambler New Towne of Jamestown  
Merchant Rowhouses 1650-1720 New Towne of Jamestown  
Sherwood House Structure 138/53 (mentioned above) New Towne of Jamestown  
Ann Talbott/Marable House and Workshop c. 1660 New Towne of Jamestown 
Edward Champion Travis House after 1755 Jamestown  

Laneville c. 1760 King and Queen County  
Bewdley 1760s; completed after 1767 King and Queen County  
Hillsborough mid-18th century King and Queen County 
Newington 18th century King and Queen County 

Marmion 1670 King George County 
Cleve early to mid-18th Century King George County  
Belle Grove 1751 King George County  
Nanzatico 1770 King George County 

Seven Springs 1725-40 King William County  
Chelsea c. 1740; 1760 King William County  
Woodlawn mid-18th Century King William County  
Chericoke 1768-71 King William County  
Sweet Hall c. 1725-40 King William County  
The Lodge at Elsing Green before 1690 King William County  
Elsing Green (Main House) 1715-20 King William County 
Pleasant Green 18th century King William County  

Corotoman 1726-27; burned 1729 Lancaster County  
Verville c. 1742; altered late 18th early 19th centuries Lancaster County  
Fox Hill Plantation South Block 1761; north block in 1803 Lancaster County  
Belle Isle 1767; wings 1802 Lancaster County 

St. Louis Road House c. 1720 Loudoun County 
Goose Creek Meetinghouse 1765 Loudoun County  
Rokeby c. 1765 Loudoun County  
Sleepy Hollow Farm 1769; expanded 1820 Loudoun County  
Welbourne c. 1770; expanded 1830 and 1850 Loudoun County  
The Glebe of Shelburne Parish c. 1775 Loudoun County 
Runneymeade Farm c. 1777 Loudoun County 

Jerdone Castle c. 1742; expanded 1853 Louisa County  
Ionia c. 1775 Louisa County 

The Eagle House (originally a tavern) c. 1730s Madison County 

Hesse 1642-74 Mathews County  
Springdale 1750; 1774-1824 Mathews County  
Billups House 1770-90 Mathews County 

O.H.P. Tanner House 1769; rmodeled 1823 & 1923 Mecklenburg County 

Rosegill 1650s; rebuilt c. 1715-20 and 19th century Middlesex County  
Hewick c. 1678; 1750; 19th century Middlesex County  
Lansdowne c. 1740 Middlesex County  
Wilton House 1763 Middlesex County 

Smithfield 1774 Montgomery County 

Foster’s Castle 1685-90 New Kent County  
Eltham mid-18th Century New Kent County 
Criss Cross c. 1690-1725 New Kent County  
Chestnut Grove c. 1730 New Kent County 
Cumberland Plantation 18th century New Kent County  
Apperson Farm House 18th century New Kent County 

Matthew Jones House c.1720; enlarged 1729-30 Newport News  
Endview 1769 Newport News 
Mathews Manor late 1630s; enlarged 1640s Newport News  
Tazewell Hall c. 1730; 1778 alterations; moved in 1908 and 1954 Newport News 

Poplar Hall c. 1760; 1860; 1954 Norfolk  
Boush-Tazewell House c. 1779-83 Norfolk 

Arlington 1674-75; demolished 1720 Northampton County  
Winona c. 1681 Northampton County  
Westerhouse House c. 1700 Northampton County  
Pear Valley 1720-40 Northampton County  
Sturgis House c. 1725-50 Northampton County  
Caserta c. 1736 Northampton County  
Glebe House Hungars Parish c. 1745 Northampton County  
Oak Grove c. 1750; wings added 1811 & c. 1840 Northampton County 
Westover c. 1750; Late 18th century and early 19th century additions; destroyed by fire in 20th century Northampton County 
Somers House c. 1727 Northampton County  
Eyre Hall c. 1735; 1759-60 Northampton County  
Stratton Manor third quarter 18th century Northampton County 

Dividing Creek mid-17th century Northumberland County  
Cobbs Hall 1720s; rebuilt 1853 Northumberland County  
The Anchorage c. 1749 Northumberland County  
Ditchley 1762 Northumberland County  
Hurtsville c. 1777 Northumberland County 

Hyde Park 1762-82; 1840; 1860; 1906-11 Nottoway County 

Montebello c. 1750; 1800 Orange County  
Bloomsbury mid-18th century; Expanded 1797 Orange County  
Montpelier 1764-98; enlarged 1809-11 Orange County  
Willow Grove 1770s; 1848 Orange County 

Mayfield Cottage c. 1750 Petersburg  
Folly Castle 1763 Petersburg  
Battersea 1765-70 Petersburg 

Somerset c. 1775 Powhatan County 

Flowerdew Hundred's Abraham Peirsey House c. 1626 Prince George County  
Jordan’s Point's Structure 4 mid-1620s Prince George County  
Flowerdew Hundred's Sites 77 & 92 mid-to-Late 17th century Prince George County  
Tar Bay One c. 1746 Prince George County 
Flowerdew Hundred's Yeardley House 1619 Prince George County 
Flowerdew Hundred's Dwellings 64; 65; 68; 79; 82 early 17th century Prince George County 
Brandon Wings c.1750, center block after 1795, Prince George County 
Selden House/Flowerdew Hundred 17th century Prince George County  
Edloe 18th century Prince George County  

Bel Air c. 1740 Prince William County  
Rippon Lodge c. 1747; renovated 19th and 20th centuries Prince William County  
Park Gate c. 1750 Prince William County  
Leesylvania mid-18th century Prince William County  
Effingham c. 1777 Prince William County 
Pilgrim’s Rest/Belle Mont Grove/Mount Wesley 18th century Prince William County  

Huggin’s House c. 1691-92 Princess Anne County  
Green Hill early 18th Century Princess Anne County  
Poplar Hall 1761-67 Princess Anne County 

Montpelier c.1750; mid-1800s Rappahannock County 

Schokoe Bottom, 1737, Richmond
The Oaks c. 1745 Richmond  
Wilton 1750-53 Richmond 

Sabine Hall 1738-42; 1830s; 1929 Richmond County  
Mount Airy 1760-64; partially burned 1844 and rebuilt Richmond County  
Woodford mid-18th century Richmond County  
Indian Banks 1738 Richmond County  
Linden House 1700-25; 1760-61 Richmond County 

Lone Oak/Rock of Ages mid-18th century Roanoke 

Fort Bowman/Harmony Hall 1753 Shenandoah County  
Hupp House c. 1755 Shenandoah County 

Quarter Farm c. 1749 Southampton County  
Simmons Sebrell-Camp House c. 1770 Southampton County 

Richland mid-17th century Stafford County  
Retirement mid-17th century Stafford County  
Ravensworth/Fitzhugh Patents, 1686, Stafford and Fairfax Counties
Eagle’s Nest 1680s Stafford County  
Ferry Farm 1725-40 Stafford County  
Chopawamsic early 18th century Stafford County  
Marlborough 1747-49 Stafford County  
Belmont c. 1761; altered 1825-1916 Stafford County  
Chatham 1768-71 Stafford County 
Sherwoord Forest (Farm) Mary Ball Washington House pre-1778 Stafford County 

Wooward-Jones House 17th century; 1717 Suffolk  
Pembroke 1701; 1950-52 Suffolk 

Bacon’s Castle 1665; remodeled before 1800; enlarged 1852-54 Surry County  
Montpelier c. 1724 Surry County  
Glebe House of Southwark Parish c. 1724 Surry County  
Melville c. 1727 Surry County  
Cedar Ridge c. 1750 Surry County  
Smith’s Fort Plantation 1751-65 Surry County  
Claremont Manor c.1754 Surry County  
Pleasant Point 1764 Surry County  
Burrow’s House c. 1770 Surry County  
Walnut Farm c. 1770 Surry County 
Pleasant Point c. 1724 Surry County  
Four Mile Tree 1743-45; remodeled 1796 Surry County  
Warren House/Smith’s Fort 1763 Surry County 

Hunting Quarter 1745-72 Sussex County  
Chester 1773 Sussex County 

Broad Bay Manor mid-17th century Virginia Beach  
Hermitage (Devereaux) House 1699; 1805-15; 1940; 2011, Virginia Beach  
Thoroughgood House c. 1720 Virginia Beach  
Weblin House c. 1725-40 Virginia Beach  
Salisbury Plain 1727 Virginia Beach  
Keeling House 1734-35 Virginia Beach  
Walke Mansion c. 1751; 1830 Virginia Beach  
Upper Wolfsnare/Brick House Farm c. 1759 Virginia Beach  
Pembroke Manor 1764 Virginia Beach  
Pleasant Hall 1769-79 Virginia Beach 
Lynnhaven/Wishart House early 18th century Virginia Beach  
Francis Ackiss House 18th century Virginia Beach  
Reuben Lovett House 18th century Virginia Beach  
Henry T. Cornick House 18th century Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 

Mount Zion 1770-72 Warren County 

Charles Cummings House c. 1773 Washington County 

Thomas Pope House 1670-85; enlarged 1705 Westmoreland County  
Mount Pleasant mid-to-late 17th century Westmoreland County  
Machodoc mid-to-Late 17th century Westmoreland County  
Washington’s Pope Creek House/Wakefield c. 1719; 1722-26; 1770s; burned in 1779 Westmoreland County  
Lee Hall early 18th century Westmoreland County  
Stratford Hall 1736-40; expanded and Remodeled1750s and 1790s; restored 1930s Westmoreland County  
Wilton 1742; altered 1793 Westmoreland County  
Rochester House 1745 Westmoreland County  
Peckatone c. 1750 Westmoreland County  
Nomini Hall mid-18th century Westmoreland County  
James Monroe Birthplace House mid-18th Century Westmoreland County  
Chantilly c. 1763 Westmoreland County  
Menokin c. 1769 Westmoreland County  
Hallowes House 1660s Westmoreland County  
Bushfield 18th century Westmoreland County 

Nelson-Galt House 1695; 1707-08; 1750 Williamsburg  
Governor’s Palace 1706-20; rebuilt 1931-34 Williamsburg  
Alexander Craig House/Wig Shop/Susannah Allen’s Tavern 1712; 1735; 1771-9 restored by CW Williamsburg  
Custis Tenement 1714-15; burned 1776; reconstructed by CW Williamsburg  
Timson House 1716; enlarged 1752; c. 1820 & 1900; renovated in 1996 by CW Williamsburg  
Curtis House c. 1715-17 Williamsburg  
Robertson Tenement 1715-18 Williamsburg  
Peyton-Randolph House 1715-18; 1724; 1754-55 Williamsburg  
Grissell Hay Lodging/Archibald Blair House 1716-18; restored by CW in 1930 Williamsburg  
St. George Tucker House (earlier Levingston House) 1718; 1750; 1788-92 Williamsburg  
Thomas Everard House 1718; 1720; 1750; 1770; restored by CW Williamsburg  
The Brafferton/College of William and Mary 1723 Williamsburg  
Moody House/Roper-Lee 1725-50; reconstructed in 1939 & remodeled in 1950 by CW Williamsburg  
Wetherburn’s Tavern house 1738-42; converted to tavern shortly thereafter; 1750 enlargement; restored in 1966-68 by CW Williamsburg  
Robert Carter House c 1747; Remodeled 1760 Williamsburg  
Benjamin Waller House first half 18th century to 1800; restored by CW Williamsburg  
Grissell Hay House c. 1750 Williamsburg  
Nicolson House c. 1750 Williamsburg  
Chiswell-Bucktrout House c. 1750 Williamsburg  
John Saunders House c. 1750-76; 1782-1836; 1837;1903; 1931; 1958 Williamsburg  
Harwood House 1750-70 Williamsburg  
Orrell House c. 1750-75; restored 1929-31 Williamsburg  
Ludwell-Paradise House c.1752-55; restored 1920s by Rockefeller Family Williamsburg  
George Wythe House 1752-54 Williamsburg  
Tayloe House 1752-59 Williamsburg  
Powell-Hallam House/Seymour Powell Tenement c. 1753; moved in 1930 and restored in 1931 by CW Williamsburg  
Bassett Hall 1753-66 Williamsburg  
Palmer House c.1755 Williamsburg  
Bracken House c.1760-70 Williamsburg  
Ewing House mid-18th Century Williamsburg  
Allen-Byrd House mid 18th Century Williamsburg  
James Geddy House and Silversmith Shop 1761-62 Williamsburg  
Benjamin Powell House c. pre-1763; c. 1782; restored by CW Williamsburg  
Travis House 1765-80; damaged by fire 1928; moved and restored 1929-30 by CW Williamsburg  
Ayscough House before 1768 Williamsburg  
William Pasteur House/Finnie House c. 1769-70 Williamsburg  
Dr. Barraud House c. mid-1760s-80s; 1785-1801; restored by CW in 1942 Williamsburg  
William Byrd House c.1770 Williamsburg  
James Semple House c. 1770; acquired by CW in 1929 Williamsburg  
John Blair House Pre-1771 & possibly built earlier; reconstructed by CW Williamsburg  
William Finnie House 1770s; restored in 1932 & 1952 by CW Williamsburg  
James Galt House probably pre-1776; moved in and restored by CW in 1929 Williamsburg  
William Lightfoot House possibly pre-1783 Williamsburg  
Taliaferro-Cole House second half 18th century; 1815-34; restored 1940-41 by CW Williamsburg  
Robert Carter Brick Quarters third quarter 18th century Williamsburg 
Coke-Garrett House pre-1755; 1810; 1836-37; 1850s; restored by CW Williamsburg  
Charlton House 1760s; new house on site 1880s; reconstructed by CW Williamsburg 
Lightfoot House c. 1730-50; restored and reconstructed outbuildings 1940-41 Williamsburg  
President’s House College of William and Mary Williamsburg  
Waller House c. 1749 Williamsburg  
John Crump House/Mr. Reed’s Store c. 1750-75 Williamsburg 

Abrams Delight 1754 Winchester  
Long Meadow c. 1755; 1827; 1919 Winchester  
Adam Kurtz House/Washington Headquarters c. 1757 Winchester 

Kiskiack/Lee House early to mid-17th century York County  
Bennett House c. 1640-50 York County  
Sheild House 1699 York County  
Rippon House 17th century York County  
River Creek 17th century York County  
Ringfield 1700-10; burned c. 1905 York County 
Porto Bello 1770s York County 

Thomas Nelson House 1729-30 Yorktown  
Dudley Digges House c.1744 Yorktown  
Moore House mid-18th century Yorktown