Carter's Grove

Carter Burwell (1716-1756) was born on Fairfield Plantation on Carter's Creek in Gloucester County to Nathaniel Burwell and Elizabeth Carter Burwell.  He was a member of the House of Burgesses and heir to King Carter's substantial estates.  He was a close ally of Speaker of the House of Burgesses, John Robinson.  He employed David Minetree, carpenter John Wheatley, and artisan Richard Baylis to build his Georgian masterpiece, Carter's Grove
                  Carter's Grove was                          built by Carter                                  Burwell, Robert "King"                    Carter's grandson,                            between 1751 and                            1755.  The house was built on the site of one of Virginia's oldest settlements, Martin's Hundred, settled in 1620.  Also on the plantation was the site of Wolstenhome Towne which was decimated in the 1622 Indian uprising.  Carter's Grove's strictly drawn Georgian artitectural style is classic for the period and is similar to Westover, which was built around the same time.  

Robert "King" Carter, Carter Burwell's grandfather

Photo from Virginia Department of Historic Resources