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Charles City County

Shirley/Thomas West Hundred
1613, Shirley Plantation
Southampton Hundred
1617,near Dancing Point on James River
Tanks Weyanoke

1618, Weyanoke

Berkeley Town & Hundred
1619, Berkeley Plantation
Westover Settlement
1619, Herring Creek near Westover Plantation

Causey's Care

c. 1620, Epps Island near Shirley Plantation


1620-22, near Wilcox Landing Fishing Pier on James River
Walter Aston Site
Settled 1635, archeological evidence of dwelling mid-17th century, east of Shirley Plantation on James River

Eppes Island

1624; 1635, Wayside near Shirley Plantation on James River
Settled 1642; house c. 1700; mid-19th century additions; modernized 1941, Wayside

Dogham Farm

Shirley Plantation

1723-38, Wayside
Margot's (Eagle's Nest/Claybancke)
1700-49, Mount Zion
Belle Air Plantation
c, 1700; c. 1800, near Charles City 
Berkeley Plantation

1726, Herring Creek

River Edge (Clover Fields)
Early 18th century with colonial revival additions, near Wilcox Landing


c. 1750, Sandy Point


1750-51, Herring Creek at Westover Plantation

Sherwood Forest

c,1730; 1780, near Charles City 
Glebe House of Westover Parish
c. 1745, Charles City


1750-80; destroyed by fire in 1928, west of Chicahominy River


First house built in 1760; burned in 1860; rebuilt and lost; current house built in 1937, near Charles City


1775-76, near Charles City

The Rowe

East wing before 1779; scheme finished by 1808; Sandy Point on the James River


Likely colonial,
Salem Church Vicinity


Likely 1770s, near 
Charles City

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