Chatham Manor

William Fitzhugh (1741-1809) was a very wealthy planter and part of Virginia's ruling elite. The grandson of Robert "King" Carter, he was married to Ann Bolling Randolf, and his daughter married George Washington Parke Custis, grandson of Martha Washington.   Their daughter, Mary Anna Randolf Custis, married Robert E. Lee.  He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1772 to 1775, and was Virginia state senator from 1780 to 1787. 
Chatham Manor was built by William Fitzhugh circa 1771 in Stafford County, Virginia. Perced on a bluff above the Rappahanock River across from Fredericksburg, the manor house could be seen from miles around. During the Civil War the house served as headquarters and hospital. After the war most of the land was sold off.  The house was restored in the 1920s and today is surrounded by elaborate gardens.