Fielding Lewis (1725-1781) was a wealthy merchant in Fredericksburg. Born at Warner Hall in Gloucester County, he was the son of a prominent Virginia planter, John Lewis.  He married George Washington's sister, Betty, after his first wife, Catherine Washington, who was George's first cousin, had died.  He had a successful store in Fredericksburg and loaned the government money to build a gun factory during the Revolutionary War.  
               Kenmore was built by                  Fielding Lewis and                        Betty Washington,                        George Washington's                    sister, in the 1770s in     Fredericksburg, Virginia. The brick mansion is a fine example of Georgian style architecture. Its interior is decorated with neo-classical ornamentations that anticipate design features of the Federal Era.  Like Chatham Manor, the house was used as a hospital during the Battle of Fredericksburg in the Civil War. 

Photo from Wikipedia Cowpie 21