Stratford Hall Facts

  • Built by Thomas and Hannah Lee in 1737-40 in Westmoreland County; expanded and remodeled in 1750s and 1790s; restored 1930s.
  • Thomas helped negotiate Indian treaty rendering most of Ohio basin to Britain.
  • Birthplace of Confederate General Robert E. Lee & Richard Henry Lee, introducer of resolution for independence at Continental Congress.
  • Every son of Thomas Lee but Philip Ludwell played roles in American Revolution. 


  • Original site of 1,442 acreas called the"Clifts" purchased in 1717.
  • Palladian style known as Georgian Architecture, H-pattern design.
  • Great Hall had no rival in Virginia at time of construction.
  • The Miocene Cliffs overlooking Potomac River are a rare natural wonder containing fossils millions of years old.
Owned and operated by the Robert            E. Lee Memorial Foundation